“Cooking is the demonstration of your love for others”

Quoted by Joe Zavaglia in “The Seattle Times”, December 20, 2006


Nearly 30 years ago I lost a big part of my life, my father, mother, and grandfathers all passed away in the span of three years.  With their passing so also went a part of my Italian soul! I was raised with Italian cultural traditions to include the foods, language, and of course family values.  I vowed to not let these pass so I decided to write a cookbook for my wife and children that contained old family recipes, many of which were brought to this country by my grandparents when they immigrated here in the early 1900s.  Now I’ve decided to share these wonderful recipes by teaching others how to prepare and enjoy them in my own Italian cooking school.  This web site will tempt you with photos of some of the delicious dishes we prepare in the school, recipes for you to make at home, and information on how you can sign up for one of our classes either locally or in Italy.  I hope you enjoy this site and find yourself drooling as you view the pages.  Buon appetito!!!


Welcome to the web site of “From the Heart of Italy”!