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"Cooking is an expression of your love for others!"

This was impressed upon me by my grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles as I was growing up. Now with my daughter Erinn we share recipes that are over 100 years old with our participants in hands-on classes both here and in Italy.


A week long class in Italy

Learn authentic recipes from 5 Italian chefs in a professional commercial kitchen in Italy. Our partner Agata and her two sons, Salvatore and Basilio are incredible chefs. They share their many culinary secrets during a week long class in the town of Torlano, Italy.


We are passionate about food and Friuli

Our students remark the Italian cooking classes were outstanding, and the afternoon tours of Italy into the region of Friuli are just incredible! We visit wineries, an old Roman settlement, a prosciuttificio, a chocolate/liquor factory and other sites  Every year we hear, "This is like living with a family in Italy.  Friuli is truly an undiscovered gem!  As far as Italy vacations go this was the best ever!"

From the Heart of Italy - Torlano - Day 1

Day 1 of our cooking school in Torlano, Italy

From the Heart of Italy

Day 2 of our cooking school in Torlano, Italy

From the heart of Italy

Our cooking/teaching philosophy

How do you sign up for one of our classes?

Established in 2009

Italy (Torlano di Nimis)

Our classes in Italy are held once or twice a year depending on the availability of our partner and her team. Due to high demand for these classes we tend to fill up 1-2 years in advance. The program starts with a team dinner on Sunday evening, then Monday through Friday we conduct classes in a commercial kitchen and eat what we prepared for lunch. After giving everyone an hour and a half break we embark on tours of the surrounding region. 

If you are interested in attending one of our classes in Italy please reach out to us via the  "contact us" form on the next page or you can call us at 206-390-6539.


We encourage you to contact us early in preparing to attend one of our classes as our Italy experience is limited to 10 participants and they fill up fast!

For more information such as costs, dates, etc. please contact us via the request form on the following page, email, or call us and we'll be pleased to get back to you at our earliest convenience.


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From the Heart of Italy

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